Prototyping at Normally

Prototyping contributes to every aspect of our design process - from strategy to research, idea generation, testing and trials. We begin building prototypes at the very start of each project - and continually iterate throughout. We build them to speculate on future data capabilities for ourselves and our clients. We

Nic Mulvaney ·

Exploring the environmental impact of data

As part of our wider expedition to understand the material properties of data, I have been exploring the environmental and carbon impact of data and digital technologies. This journey has taken many directions and I wanted to share some of the key things I’ve learned so far.

Tom Jarrett ·

Normally. Why so secretive?

Why, after seven years, is there so little information about Normally on the internet? Why is it so hard to learn about who we are, what we do and why we do it? And why, after all this time, is 'Notes' our first attempt to open up to the world?

Chris Downs ·